Monday, March 23, 2009

Week #8 - Project 365

I can not believe I have not updated my blog in five weeks.

Day 47 - What a winter it has been. These are some of the largest icicles I have seen on our house.

Day 48 - I was watching the Martha Stewart Show and they were making this yummy looking Boston Creme cupcakes. They weren't has hard to make as I thought.

Day 49 - I thought it was about time the boys started to do more chores around the house. So the new chore was to unload the dishwasher. They rotated days and didn't really complain.

Day 50 - This evening a storm front moved in. The sky just looked gloomy. It was pretty in real life but a little unnerving of what was to come.

Day 51 - Like I said in Day 50 entry you weren't sure of what was to come of that storm front. Well here it is another snowstorm dumping 6 or more inches on the ground. I was looking out the kitchen window and thought the sunrise with the new fallen snow was beautiful.

Day 52 - Kyle decided to warm up his toaster strudel frosting in the microwave. Well he punched in too much time and the thing exploded.

Day 53 - Sunday mornings are grocery shopping days. I usually am up at the crack of dawn. The grocery store opens at 7am (but usually let people in around 6:45) and I am there to beat the rush of crazy people. Oh wait you might think I'm the crazy one for going to the store at that hour, but I do have a reason. I can not stand it when people stop in the middle of the aisle to get something. I can not stand how congested the store gets much later than 8am. Those are just a few of my reasons.

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Donna said...

Those boston creme cupcakes look delish! Cracked up at the exploded frosting....boys