Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week #7 - Project 365

Day 40 - Exercising. When I exercise I try to do it after my husband leaves for work and before my oldest son gets up for school. So you are talking between 5 - 6 am. However, there are days when I wait til after my youngest gets on the bus.

Day 41 - What is That? This is a very large wooden dog silhouette that stands off to the side of an exit ramp. I just look at it every time I pass it on the highway. We have no idea whay it is there but it is.

Day 42 - Homework. When the boys have homework either myself or my husband sits down and helps them out. This night Steve sat down to help Kyle with his homework because it was beyond my comprehension. I don't think I did that type of homework until 9th grade and he is doing it in the 7th grade.

Day 43 - Moonlight. This photo was actually taken first thing in the morning when I saw my husband drive off to work. I thought the moon was vibrant and loved the tree limbs in front it.

Day 44 - Valentine flowers. This week I have been sick and my husband picked up some beautiful roses for me. They were hot pink, peachy-coral and a stunning yellow. Did I ever mention how much I love that guy.

Day 45 - Pine Wood Derby. Yes, the cub scouts had their Pinewood Derby on Valentines Day. I was still under the weather so Steve took the boys. He was amazed at the new race track the cub scout pack had bought.

Day 46 - Zoomed In Rose. I thought I would try some of the settings on my digital camera. So I used the macro setting to get in real close to the rose and cropped it after taking the picture. I love all the layers of the petals.


Donna said...

What is up with that dog? How funny.
Love the close up of the flower.

Melissa Clifford said...

What a beautiful week!! I love it. Glad you're feeling better and walking. Hey, where are your SOCKS?

Sally said...

Love getting these little peeks into your life Diana! Great photos!!!
Oh, and I love the turquoise paint in the prior post! :)