Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chain Link Quilt

My youngest son wanted to give his bedroom a makeover.  He started to take down the shelves and fill/sand the holes.  He needed my husband's help for something, I can not believe I can't remember what it was.  Next thing I know they are heading to the hardware store for paint.  What the What???  My husband said well we may as well paint since the walls are bare.  Okay...

The following weekend we were heading down to IKEA.  After spending a small fortune there, the room is back together.

Next thing I know my son says, could you make me a quilt to match my room. How can I say no, especially since I made the older son one.

Nick and I looked all over the internet and found a design he liked, but at first I could not find a pattern for it. So I decided to sketch it out.  After sketching it out, I dug around the internet and found a pattern/instructions.

This is the pattern and color scheme my son wants.  The red and black chain link will be on a white background trimmed with black binding.

I am hoping to get started on this quilt in the next week.

Quilt design wall

As I scour the internet for quilt ideas, I have seen so many quilter with a design wall.  I knew I had to make one.  I was currently working with rope strung across my drop ceiling as a clothesline and binder clips holding the quilt up.

I decided not to wait for my husband to help me on this project.  I went above our garage and found two pieces of insulation board.  I covered it with two layers of felt.  (I just duct taped it to the back).

When my husband got home I had him attach it to the wall.  The photo below is before my husband hung it on the wall.

Nautical Quilt

This year I didn't make any resolutions.  I fail horribly at them.

so I just decided to do things that make me happy and that I enjoy.  Currently, I am working on my nautical beach quilt.  Last summer a group of us went on a cruise to Bermuda and I made a nautical tote bag for each cabin and filled it with a box of sunshine.  Believe me we needed the sunshine, it rained all but 2 or 3 days of the cruise.

Anyway, with the extra fabric I bought I decided to make a quilt to take to the beach.  I decided to give a pinwheel quilt a whirl.  It has been slow going on the quilt.  You see the computer is in my craftroom/sewing room and when my youngest son needs to work on homework I am practically kicked out. Or I remove myself from the room due to his choice of music.

This past weekend I decided to get moving on the quilt.  I have two more waiting to be cut and I refuse to work on those when this one is still in pieces.

My layout.  I have just about all the columns made.  Then I will need to sew them all together and contemplate a border and backing.

Hopefully you will check back soon and it will be done.