Sunday, February 19, 2012

She's Done!!!!

I have finally finished my Red, Black & White quilt.  Last week I took a class on how to quilt using a longarm quilting machine.  Man, was I nervous.  Thankfully a really nice lady helped me for a little while.  When I was "on my own" I got sweety hands and thought how am I going to finished this thing.

Well I managed with little assistance.  As I got closer to the middle of the quilt I was comfortable with the machine. 

Here are a few photos of my completed quilt.  The first one is obviously the front of the quilt. The second one is of the back. 

The third photo is the finished quilt folded.  The fourth photo is a shot of the back.  The last photo shows the Daisy pantograph design I used to quilt the entire quilt.  I used black and white varigated thread. 

I have to say I really love the way my quilt came out.