Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week #7 - Project 365

Day 40 - Exercising. When I exercise I try to do it after my husband leaves for work and before my oldest son gets up for school. So you are talking between 5 - 6 am. However, there are days when I wait til after my youngest gets on the bus.

Day 41 - What is That? This is a very large wooden dog silhouette that stands off to the side of an exit ramp. I just look at it every time I pass it on the highway. We have no idea whay it is there but it is.

Day 42 - Homework. When the boys have homework either myself or my husband sits down and helps them out. This night Steve sat down to help Kyle with his homework because it was beyond my comprehension. I don't think I did that type of homework until 9th grade and he is doing it in the 7th grade.

Day 43 - Moonlight. This photo was actually taken first thing in the morning when I saw my husband drive off to work. I thought the moon was vibrant and loved the tree limbs in front it.

Day 44 - Valentine flowers. This week I have been sick and my husband picked up some beautiful roses for me. They were hot pink, peachy-coral and a stunning yellow. Did I ever mention how much I love that guy.

Day 45 - Pine Wood Derby. Yes, the cub scouts had their Pinewood Derby on Valentines Day. I was still under the weather so Steve took the boys. He was amazed at the new race track the cub scout pack had bought.

Day 46 - Zoomed In Rose. I thought I would try some of the settings on my digital camera. So I used the macro setting to get in real close to the rose and cropped it after taking the picture. I love all the layers of the petals.

Week #6 - Project 365

Day 33 - Ground Hog Day. My question to everyone is why do we "celebrate" a furball. I mean come on. How can the groundhog not see his shadow with all those news agecies lights bulbs flashing. Besides if you look at the calendar it is 6 weeks of winter no matter how you look at it.

Day 34 - Mailbox. Where do I begin to tell you about this photo. Let's see. We have had so much snow it's not even funny. I had just cleared the road area in front of our regular mailbox and then that night we received snow/rain mix. The next morning I realized the plow truck had filled in the mailbox area. So I had to make a temporary mailbox. Don't you just love it..

Day 35 - Favorite Movies. I just love watching movies over and over. These are some of my favorite movies. I couldn't locate the other two.

Day 36 - Paint can. During the winter months my craftroom gets dreary and dark. I love the color combo of turquoise/brown/white. I decided I was going to repaint my craftroom a light turquoise color. It is called Atonement by Dutch Boy.

Day 37 - Beaver Damage. Last fall my husband showed me a little pond area where some beavers live. I was on my way back from Target and drove by this pond. I stopped quickly and made sure do one was behind and snapped this picture. I guess the beavers didn't finish before the snow started to fly.

Day 38 - Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet. As most of you know every year the cub scouts celebrate by having a Blue & Gold Banquet. This is when all the scouts move up in rank. Nicholas wanted dad to go up with him for the candle ceremony.

Day 39 - Cooking together in the kitchen. This was a Sunday afternoon and we all had gone to the grocery store. Steve and I had put the groceries away and decided to make some treats. It is not common to find in the kitchen helping me cook, so I took the shot while I could.

Week #5 - Project 365

This was a challenging week. We all got through it.

Day 26 - Medicine Cabinet. Well it really isn't the medicine cabinet but it was enough. These are the medicines that my oldest son (pneumonia) and my husband (surgery) were prescribed on the same day. While nursing the two of them back to health my husband called my his Florence Nightingale with wings.. awww.... I just love him so much!

Day 27 - The Bandage. I hope I don't gross any of you out by posting this picture. This is the big ole bandage my husband was sporting for the first two days after surgery.

Day 28 - Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder... When ever I see bluebirds I remember a part of a movie that I can not remember for the life of. I have never seen a bluebird until I moved to this house. For the past three winters I have been in awe at these little guys. This was the highlight of my week (other than my family getting better).

Day 29 - Hazardous Waste Dump. Yes, that is what I call my youngest son's bedroom. I cringe as I walk by this room. I usually end up shutting the door. I helped him clean his room one weekend and by the next weekend it was a mess again. I asked him about it and he said "Just face it mom I'm a slob!" Yup, I guess that makes everything okay, NOT!

Day 30 - My Kitchen. My husband and I just repainted our kitchen and bought a new table set. I just love it. I know I have posted pictures (outside of the Project 365) but I just love how it came out. When I walk into the kitchen I just get a smile on my face.

Day 31 - Kyle working. My oldest son was feeling much better by the weekend so I had him work on some of the schoolwork I had picked up the day before. By the looks of the picture I think he was feeling a whole lot better.

Day 32 - Weekly Dinner menu. I got this idea from my friend Donna. I sit down each Saturday/Sunday (before grocery shopping Sunday morning) and write out our dinners for the week. I find this helps with the grocery shopping and less of the same meals each week.

Thanks for looking.

Week #4 - Project 365

Boy have the past 2-3 weeks been a chore. My oldest son was under the weather. After three trips to the doctor's office we found out he had pnuemonia. This happened to be the same week my husband had surgery for his skin cancer. On that Wednesday there was a snow day. So I had all three of my guys home with me... The week after that seemed normal (if there is ever such a thing). Then everything went downhill for me. I ended up with some combination of the flu/cold. For the past two days I have felt the best in over a week.

Well I won't bore you with anymore of my ramblings. The following are my Pictures of the Day for the past 4 weeks.

Day 19 - Our snowy house. At this point we have had half of last year's snow amount. Yes, that it quite a bit of snow out there and I'm ready for it to be done with.

Day 20 - Inauguration Day. Well today is the day that I never thought I would see. Our first African-American President. I sat glued to the televistion set watching the coverage of the Inauguration of President Obama.

Day 21 - Winter sunrise. My mornings usually start out by getting a cup of coffee, saying goodbye to my husband before he leaves for work and then helping the boys get ready for school. As I stand in my kitchen spacing out the window this is what I am greeted with every morning. I love the sunrises and the sunsets.

Day 22 - Wedding bands. I had taken my rings off to wash them or to put lotion on. My mind wandered back to the day my husband and I looked at engagement rings. Then my mind went to our wedding. The third ring is my grandmothers wedding ring she gave me for my high school graduation. I just love all three of them.

Day 23 - Wedding doll. Speaking of weddings, my mother had given me a Gibson Girl Wedding Doll as a gift. She is truly beautiful.

Day 24 - Cold New England Beach. My husband and oldest son actually took this picture. I was at a cub scout function with my youngest son. The two of them had gone out to Newburyport and walked along the beach. They had seen some seals out on the jetty. Then they drove on over to Seabrook and took this lovely photo of the inlet. Well I think it's lovely even though you can see the Seabrook Nucleur Power Plant in the background.

Day 25 - Ice Cold Beer Mug. Ahh..... It's nice to just sit and enjoy a nice ice cold beer.

Thanks for looking.