Saturday, July 20, 2013

Butterfly Quilt WIP

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing around Pinterst looking for quilt ideas.  There was one quilt that stopped me in my tracks.  This butterfly quilt is just beautiful. Now I am not a girly girl nor do I have any girls, but I wanted to make something pretty.

I had some girlie fabric by Art Gallery called Sugar.  Now onto the butterflies.  I checked out my collection of Cricut cartridges.  I found two that I liked from Serenade and Wall D├ęcor and More.

After deciding on the butterflies, I prepped my fabric.  I used Heat & Bond fusible webbing.  Then I ironed the Heat & Bond to the fabric as suggested on the packaging.  Next I placed it on my cutting mat fabric side upward.  I have seen it cut with the paper side of the Heat & Bond facing up.  Both ways have worked for me. 

Once the butterflies were cut, I pinned them to the background fabric (in this case it was a white sheet).  When I had the butterflies placed to my liking I then ironed the butterflies to my white fabric/sheet.  Then came the labor intensive part,  zig-zag stitching onto the background fabric.  It took me a couple of hours to do all of the butterflies (I added more since this picture was taken). 

Next, I will be sandwiching all the layers together.  Hopefully I will have this quilt done in the next few weeks.

Bermuda Tumblers

Wow, it has been a scorcher out there this past week.  The heat and humidity has sucked all the energy out of me, not that I had a lot to begin with. 

Lately, I have been liking the Nautical theme of cards.  My sister-in-law came over last weekend and we made a couple of different cards she found on the internet. 

This weekend I thought I would try to make some Nautical tumblers.  I used my Cricut to cut out all the images.  for the font I used the Lyrical cartridge.  Then I used Life is a Beach for the center shape. 

I have never used a curved "frame" before.  This was simply done by placing a circle on the Cricut Craftroom "mat" and adding the letters around the circle.  Then I deleted the circle and was left with the writing.

All of the vinyl is from Expressions Vinyl.  I used the outdoor vinyl, since it is waterproof.  I have used the Oracal 651 on other tumbler crafts.  They have gone through the dishwasher with no problems.  Just on thing to remember, do not put the cover in the dishwasher, it will ruin the gasket.

I have had a lot of fun making these tumblers.  I can not wait to give them to friends and family.