Monday, September 23, 2013


I am feeling like I am actually accomplishing things these days.  I have two of my WIPs (Work In Progress) completed.

I now have the butterfly quilt to complete, which I have on my quilting island right now.

The other WIP is the Applecore Quilt.  I am not sure that one will ever get finished, but I would like to tackle it again at some point.

I am sure there will always be atleast one or two WIPs on my table...

Masculine Quilt Done!

Back in April of this year I finished sewing together the top center layer of my oldest son's quilt.  Next thing I know six months has past since the last time I touched it.  I had to finish the quilt for two reasons, I started & finished the baby quilt before finishing his.  And, we always tell our boys if you started something you have to finish it.  Well I took a little of my own medicine lately.  Just the thought of not doing what I tell my kids was a little depressing.

I started by sewing the sides and top/bottoms to the crossword puzzle of a  quilt top.  Next I moved all of the furniture around in the sunroom,just so I could lay out the layers and pin it together.  Thank goodness everyone was either at school or work.  Once I pinned it all together, rolled it around a fabric bolt that I happened to have in my craftroom.  I sat the bolt on my sewing counter for a week. I couldn't decide how I wanted to quilt the layers.  I decided just to do free motion stippling.

My son was so funny, while I was stippling the quilt he would pop his head in and ask if it was done.  (he was heading to bed and wanted to use it).  Of course I gave him the eye roll and said it will be a couple more days.  I worked on it for about 3 hours that night and got up the next morning (Sunday) to get working on it. Well after about 4 more hours I was done with stippling it.

I am not sure if I am the only who hates binding.  I debated over and over which way to do it.  One, the correct way or Two, the cheater way.  Well today I chose to try the cheater way.  Guess what, I was so much easier than the real way.  I might have to do it on the next quilt, we shall see.

I wanted to get the quilt done before my son got home from school.  So I washed and dried it. Took some pictures of it and then laid it on his bed.

I think he likes it, but you really don't know with boys and teenagers, right???

Sunday, September 22, 2013

G is for Green Baby Quilt

My husband's oldest niece asked if I would make a quilt for baby #4.  She is expecting another little boy.

She found the cutest fabric.  It is G is for Green by Patti Reed Designs.  I love the block print fabric.  I ended up buying some of the block, the turquoise background fabric and green background fabric from  I was pleasantly surprised when I received my order within a week.  In the meantime, I had stopped in Walmart for a couple of items and ended up in the fabric department.  Low and behold what did I see on the shelf, I saw the green and turquoise background fabric.  Well good to know if I need more fabric.

Anyway, I bombarded her with several quilt ideas.  She decided she liked the look of this one by Thirty Handmade Days.  I thought the directions were easy enough.

Well after two days of cutting and sewing I finished the quilt.  I really like how it came out.



Now, that I have the sewing fever I will get back to work on my WIP(s).