Sunday, November 27, 2011

Terrace Veranda Easy Brick Quilt

I decided I wanted to do a larger quilt.  Nothing fancy since I'm not up to that level yet.  Give me straight seams and cutting any day!  Enters the Easy Brick quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop. 

One day I spent  cutting the fabric out, sewed the white square to a print and then layed it out for the overall pattern. 

The next day I spent 2 hours sewing all the blocks together to make the cover.  I am so excited how it looks to this point. 

I have bought some contrasting fabric for the backing and will be working on that later today.

Thanksgiving runner

In the past couple of years I have had my Mother-In-Law, Sister-in-Law and her kids over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Afterwards the rest of my husband's family will come over for desserts.  So I decided to make a nice Fall themed table runner.  Why do I wait till the week or two before a holiday to sew something? Is it me or do others find themselves in the same boat???

Anyway,  I found some fall material at Joann Fabric and got to work on it.  I wanted to try something that looks somewhat easy to make.  It was pretty easy to make until I got to the part of quilting it.  Instead of an all over quilt pattern, decided I only wanted to do an edging.  I bought a template for some swirls, traced it out and got to work on it.  Oh boy, I better stick with sewing straight lines. 

You can see for yourself. 

I tried to quilt an Acorn on the larger squares. 

Craftroom addition

In the past I have shown pictures of my craftroom makeover.  Well I have made another change to it. 

Lately, I have been sewing more than usual.  I generally cut my fabric out on the dining room table or the hard wood floors annd we all know the hazards (sore back/knees) of doing this.  I knew there had to be a better way of cutting.  One day I found myself sitting down here in the craftroom day dreaming of changes.  So off I went to search the internet for some creativity.  I was impressed by all the sewing rooms I found.  Wow some are just unbelievable. 

After looking for a while, I knew what I wanted to do.  You see I have an 9 square cubbie shelving system and I wanted to make a peninsula out of it.  My idea was to pull it away from the wall 4 feet.  So my cutting area would be 4x3.  I talked my husband into this idea and off to Home Depot we went.  We bought a full sheet of MDF and had the store employee cut it down.  Not only did I get the 4x3 countertop, I also have two large shelves below. 

One day while my husband was at worked I took the organizer shelf out to the garage, sanded it and painted it white.  Next was the countertop's turn for a coat of black paint.  Yes, I have to make sure my countertops match the other one in the room. 

I am very happy with the way my peninsula came out.  It is the perfect height for cutting without breaking my back. 

By the way, I had talked my husband into making a flip up iron board on the other side.