Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving runner

In the past couple of years I have had my Mother-In-Law, Sister-in-Law and her kids over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Afterwards the rest of my husband's family will come over for desserts.  So I decided to make a nice Fall themed table runner.  Why do I wait till the week or two before a holiday to sew something? Is it me or do others find themselves in the same boat???

Anyway,  I found some fall material at Joann Fabric and got to work on it.  I wanted to try something that looks somewhat easy to make.  It was pretty easy to make until I got to the part of quilting it.  Instead of an all over quilt pattern, decided I only wanted to do an edging.  I bought a template for some swirls, traced it out and got to work on it.  Oh boy, I better stick with sewing straight lines. 

You can see for yourself. 

I tried to quilt an Acorn on the larger squares. 

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