Friday, January 20, 2012

Peppermint Tini floral arrangement

I love having flowers in the house, especially for the holidays.  This year for New Year's I wanted to make something really different.  While I was looking for ideas for my Mother-In-Law's arrangement I stumbled upon a "martini" themed arrangement.  That surely was up my alley. 

I had a bugger of a time looking for an extra large martini glass, without driving all over the state to find one.  I saw these large sangria glasses at Micheal's and figured this was my only option.  I bought two.  After that hurdle was accomplished I ran into another one, finding the flowers I wanted.  No one had plain white flowers at all, without breaking the bank account.  You see I was inspired by this arrangement. 
1-800-Flowers® Cheers to the New Year™

Well good thing I had a print out of other arrangement ideas. 

What I ended up making was a Peppermint Tini arrangement. 

I will say this arrangement was not an easy one. 

Flower Cake

We usually buy my Mother-In-Law some flowers for her birthday.  I didn't want to buy one of the usual bouquets.  I wanted something different.  So I did what I also do for inspiration, surf the internet.  I looked at the regular FTD, 1800Flowers, Telefora and found something I really liked.  It was a Flower Cake. 

I found a video on You Tube and thought it was very simple to do.  It was after driving all over creation to find some flowers that I liked.  Three seperate trips to two different florist is not cost effective.  I guess next year I will call a florist in advance with what I will need..

I used roughly 3 dozen white carnations (full size), 2 dozen mini dark cranberry carnations, 6 spider mums and one purple rose.  I made some cranberry organza ribbons to decorate the sides. 

This was a very easy arrangement to make.  I got a kick out of everyone's question - Can you eat it???  Me, not sure if you can eat these flowers but I wouldn't.  lol..

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Black, White & Red Quilt

As you all should know by now I love the color combo black/white & whatever color for some punch.  Last year I made a hobo bag out of black/white/red fabric, which I have been hoarding the rest of since then.  I have been looking for more fabric to match and finally found some.  Yes, I had to stop myself.

Once I was happy with the fabric selection, I found the perfect pattern for the quilt.  Man, I sure do love simple easy quilt patterns.  This quilt pattern is from called High Light.   

One thing I have to say about simple easy patterns, you can spend a couple of hours cutting out the pieces and still have time to spend with the family.  While the guys went to a hunting/fishing expo this past Saturday, I spent the time cutting out the fabric.  When they got home the hubster and I watched the NFL games.  I worked on sewing the blocks together while everyone was at work/school.  This morning I worked on the borders.  Now I am at the point to sandwich it all together and bind it. 

Here is the quilt so far. 

I will post in a couple of days when I am done with it...