Friday, January 20, 2012

Peppermint Tini floral arrangement

I love having flowers in the house, especially for the holidays.  This year for New Year's I wanted to make something really different.  While I was looking for ideas for my Mother-In-Law's arrangement I stumbled upon a "martini" themed arrangement.  That surely was up my alley. 

I had a bugger of a time looking for an extra large martini glass, without driving all over the state to find one.  I saw these large sangria glasses at Micheal's and figured this was my only option.  I bought two.  After that hurdle was accomplished I ran into another one, finding the flowers I wanted.  No one had plain white flowers at all, without breaking the bank account.  You see I was inspired by this arrangement. 
1-800-Flowers® Cheers to the New Year™

Well good thing I had a print out of other arrangement ideas. 

What I ended up making was a Peppermint Tini arrangement. 

I will say this arrangement was not an easy one. 

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