Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week #6 - Project 365

Day 33 - Ground Hog Day. My question to everyone is why do we "celebrate" a furball. I mean come on. How can the groundhog not see his shadow with all those news agecies lights bulbs flashing. Besides if you look at the calendar it is 6 weeks of winter no matter how you look at it.

Day 34 - Mailbox. Where do I begin to tell you about this photo. Let's see. We have had so much snow it's not even funny. I had just cleared the road area in front of our regular mailbox and then that night we received snow/rain mix. The next morning I realized the plow truck had filled in the mailbox area. So I had to make a temporary mailbox. Don't you just love it..

Day 35 - Favorite Movies. I just love watching movies over and over. These are some of my favorite movies. I couldn't locate the other two.

Day 36 - Paint can. During the winter months my craftroom gets dreary and dark. I love the color combo of turquoise/brown/white. I decided I was going to repaint my craftroom a light turquoise color. It is called Atonement by Dutch Boy.

Day 37 - Beaver Damage. Last fall my husband showed me a little pond area where some beavers live. I was on my way back from Target and drove by this pond. I stopped quickly and made sure do one was behind and snapped this picture. I guess the beavers didn't finish before the snow started to fly.

Day 38 - Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet. As most of you know every year the cub scouts celebrate by having a Blue & Gold Banquet. This is when all the scouts move up in rank. Nicholas wanted dad to go up with him for the candle ceremony.

Day 39 - Cooking together in the kitchen. This was a Sunday afternoon and we all had gone to the grocery store. Steve and I had put the groceries away and decided to make some treats. It is not common to find in the kitchen helping me cook, so I took the shot while I could.

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Donna said...

Your make shift mailbox made me LOL and I can't get over the the tree left by the beavers. Awesome pics again Diana