Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week #4 - Project 365

Boy have the past 2-3 weeks been a chore. My oldest son was under the weather. After three trips to the doctor's office we found out he had pnuemonia. This happened to be the same week my husband had surgery for his skin cancer. On that Wednesday there was a snow day. So I had all three of my guys home with me... The week after that seemed normal (if there is ever such a thing). Then everything went downhill for me. I ended up with some combination of the flu/cold. For the past two days I have felt the best in over a week.

Well I won't bore you with anymore of my ramblings. The following are my Pictures of the Day for the past 4 weeks.

Day 19 - Our snowy house. At this point we have had half of last year's snow amount. Yes, that it quite a bit of snow out there and I'm ready for it to be done with.

Day 20 - Inauguration Day. Well today is the day that I never thought I would see. Our first African-American President. I sat glued to the televistion set watching the coverage of the Inauguration of President Obama.

Day 21 - Winter sunrise. My mornings usually start out by getting a cup of coffee, saying goodbye to my husband before he leaves for work and then helping the boys get ready for school. As I stand in my kitchen spacing out the window this is what I am greeted with every morning. I love the sunrises and the sunsets.

Day 22 - Wedding bands. I had taken my rings off to wash them or to put lotion on. My mind wandered back to the day my husband and I looked at engagement rings. Then my mind went to our wedding. The third ring is my grandmothers wedding ring she gave me for my high school graduation. I just love all three of them.

Day 23 - Wedding doll. Speaking of weddings, my mother had given me a Gibson Girl Wedding Doll as a gift. She is truly beautiful.

Day 24 - Cold New England Beach. My husband and oldest son actually took this picture. I was at a cub scout function with my youngest son. The two of them had gone out to Newburyport and walked along the beach. They had seen some seals out on the jetty. Then they drove on over to Seabrook and took this lovely photo of the inlet. Well I think it's lovely even though you can see the Seabrook Nucleur Power Plant in the background.

Day 25 - Ice Cold Beer Mug. Ahh..... It's nice to just sit and enjoy a nice ice cold beer.

Thanks for looking.

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Donna said...

These are great photos Diana! I love the little story behind each one