Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week #5 - Project 365

This was a challenging week. We all got through it.

Day 26 - Medicine Cabinet. Well it really isn't the medicine cabinet but it was enough. These are the medicines that my oldest son (pneumonia) and my husband (surgery) were prescribed on the same day. While nursing the two of them back to health my husband called my his Florence Nightingale with wings.. awww.... I just love him so much!

Day 27 - The Bandage. I hope I don't gross any of you out by posting this picture. This is the big ole bandage my husband was sporting for the first two days after surgery.

Day 28 - Mr. Bluebird on my shoulder... When ever I see bluebirds I remember a part of a movie that I can not remember for the life of. I have never seen a bluebird until I moved to this house. For the past three winters I have been in awe at these little guys. This was the highlight of my week (other than my family getting better).

Day 29 - Hazardous Waste Dump. Yes, that is what I call my youngest son's bedroom. I cringe as I walk by this room. I usually end up shutting the door. I helped him clean his room one weekend and by the next weekend it was a mess again. I asked him about it and he said "Just face it mom I'm a slob!" Yup, I guess that makes everything okay, NOT!

Day 30 - My Kitchen. My husband and I just repainted our kitchen and bought a new table set. I just love it. I know I have posted pictures (outside of the Project 365) but I just love how it came out. When I walk into the kitchen I just get a smile on my face.

Day 31 - Kyle working. My oldest son was feeling much better by the weekend so I had him work on some of the schoolwork I had picked up the day before. By the looks of the picture I think he was feeling a whole lot better.

Day 32 - Weekly Dinner menu. I got this idea from my friend Donna. I sit down each Saturday/Sunday (before grocery shopping Sunday morning) and write out our dinners for the week. I find this helps with the grocery shopping and less of the same meals each week.

Thanks for looking.

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Donna said...

More great pics. Love the one of Kyle in the groucho glasses