Monday, March 23, 2009

Week #11 - Project 365

Day 68 - Our neighbors cat Brady was over. I went outside to sit with him. He walked off and found this hole in our front yard. He sat there and sniffed it and then starte to put his front leg in it. I have no idea of what made the hole and I sure do not want to find out.

Day 69 - Every Tuesday I volunteer for Nick's teacher. Today, I decided to take a picture of my school pass.

Day 70 - Nick was playing Guitar Hero and I tried to sneak a picture. He didn't want his picture taken so he moved away. When I said I wanted it for my picture of the day he was like okay you can take it. Forget it never mind..

Day 71 - You know spring is not too far off when you start seeing Robins in the yard. I have always wondered how the Robins can find the worms in the ground. Do they have like supersonic sensitive hearing???

Day 72 - I had made some chewy granola mix (recipe by Giada) yesterday and I decided I would have cottage cheese, blueberries, strawberries and granola ontop for breakfast. It was delicious and filling. I think I skipped lunch that day.

Day 73 - Yet another one of my sewing projects. This is an apron made with a checkered background with cherries on top. I lined it with red matching fabric and red ties.

Day 74 - Every year I invited my mother in law, sister in law and her husband for St. Patrick's dinner. This year I decided I was not going to make the traditional American corned beef and cabbage (last year I think I got a very tought cut and was not happy with the meal). This year I made a Beer Braised Beef Brisket, with Rissolo Potatoes and carrots. Anyway I decided to take a picture of my half set table.

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Melanie said...

Brady looks like our Barney - from the back anyway. And I love the story about him being on the roof of thier house.