Monday, March 23, 2009

Week #12 - Project 365

Day 75 - Since I had the wine glasses out I decided to take a picture of my new Green colored wine glasses. I found them on clearance at Target and unfortunately they only have four left. I actually debating for a couple of days if I really wanted them and then I went back and bought them.

Day 76 - Since I made our Irish dinner on Sunday I had been wanting to make a Black Bean Salsa for a few days. So for St. Paddy's dinner we had Black Bean Salsa, Mexican Rice and Grilled Chicken. Oh and you can not forget the Sangria... lol

Day 77 - All I can say is AHHHHHH. We had a couple of days of "warm" weather, that being 55 degrees. I know I had posted a picture of the front of the house with a ton of snow. Now I'm posting a photo with the majority of the snow gone. Thankfully...

Day 78 - The boys had some of their friends over after school. Again it was another beautiful day out.

Day 79 - Happy Spring!!!! I noticed I had a couple of daffodils getting ready to open but haven't yet. I decided to talk a walk around the yard and found these beautiful white crocus in bloom. I

Day 80 - I wanted to make something fun for myself. I decided to sit down and go through my patterns. I found a pattern to make a handbag. I bought this cream and blue fabric. The fabric reminds me of a t-shirt and comfy jeans. I was surprised how fast and easy it was to sew this bag.

Day 81 - Well as you can see I made another bag. This time I used one of the other styles from my handbag patterns and made a slimmer version of it. Coincidentally, I holds two bottles of wine very nicely.


Donna said...

Love those bags you're making! YEAY for signs of spring!

Sally said...

Those handbags are so cute!!! The blue and white one reminds me of porcelain...such pretty fabric!

Melissa Clifford said...

I love the house picture, your black bean salsa looks yummy and please pass me a glass of sangria!