Monday, March 23, 2009

Week #9 - Project 365

Day 54 - Today I noticed our neighbors cat was up on the roof of their house. Yes, the roof of their house. I stood there watching Brady walk along the roof line, walk up the front pitch of the house and over above the garage. I'm not sure how he got down but he did safely.

Day 55 - Today is International Pancake Day. I know it was put on by IHOP but I didn't feel like driving there today. So I decided to make some pancakes for me and the boys. They had chocolate chips on theirs. I wanted some blueberries on mine. I took some frozen blueberries placed them in a saucepan with a little sugar, lemon rind and caradmon. I heated it for a few minutes until it started to make a sauce. Then I poured some on top of the pancakes and around the plate. It was delish....

Day 56 - The boys and I were on our way to Nick's dentist appointment as the sun was setting. Kyle took this picture as we were driving down the road.

Day 57 - Each week I my trip to the pet store to buy crickets for the frogs. Today the boys were with me and we saw this peacock walking around outside the building. It is a scrappy looking peacock. Do they shed their feathers??? Or is this one just old or sick???

Day 58 - Kyle had an appointment with an Oral Surgeon. They took one digital x-ray and it was on the screen in seconds.

Day 59 - I sold a few of my handmade recycled grocerys bag through my Etsy shop. So today I decided to take a picture of my packages being mailed to their new homes.

Day 60 - We decided to go on an adventure. We drove out to Salisbury Beach to see if we could see seals. We did see some seals (even with photoshopping the pictures they were all that great) but we did see something that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. We saw a snowy owl. As we drove into the park a crowd of people were taking photos of the owl on a log. On our way back we saw the owl sitting ontop of the utility pole. How cool is that.

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Donna said...

YAY for selling some stuff and the Owl is so cool.