Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stomping of the Grapes

Well I finally got a couple of pages scrapped from our day at the grape Harvest. The journaling reads as:

Have you ever seen the episode of I Love LUcy when she went to a vineyard and was put to work in the wine vat? I just saw it for the first time this morning and thought the faces were hilarious.

Well the Stomping of the Grapes is a tradition at Flag Hill during their Harvest. Kathy and I decided why not get into the spirit of the tradition. Where do I even begin to describe this experience. First of all it was a chilly morning, so those grapes were quite cold. The squishing under your feet and between your toes was slimy and gooey. I had to try the Lucy technique of stomping even though I almost slipped. Oh good grief can you imagine that. When we were done stomping the grapes we had to step into a bucket of water to clean off our feet. Ya, that was cold too. After you stomped the grapes you had the opportunity to get your feet painted and stamp them onto your Harvest Fest t-shirt, if you bought one. I thought the t-shirt was too nice to ruin. The experience was quite different. Would I do it again? Oh ya!

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Sally said...

Did they have you wash your feet first? I am probably weird for thinking it, but if anyone with feet like my dad's was stomping I would be freaked! ;)