Friday, November 28, 2008

Crazy busy with sewing

I been in a crazy sewing mood. Usually after the halloween costumes I am good until the next year. This year is different.

I made my friend Donna's two boys a Transformer apron each.

Then I made another little project. It is a decorate box out of posterboard and fabric. This was fun to make.

My last project was making some "nice" looking grocery bags. I have a few of the store brand that you buy for $1.00 but they do seem to get that worn look. So I had bought some pillowcases from Walmart and used them as my fabric for the bags. I would like to

make a few more of these bags. They are pretty large so hopefully I won't need too many more.


Melanie said...

Nice bags. Is it an easy pattern?

Donna said...

I can't wait for the boys to see the aprons. They're gonna LOVE them... THANK YOU!
Bag looks awesome and cute box. You do such nice work!

Mary said...

the aprons are so cute! love your grocery bags, too - great job, sewin' mama!

Sally said...

Love the aprons and the bag too! I already bought a bunch from Kroger, and I have one from Sprouts...kinda hate that they have store names on them, so I might just steal your idea!!! :)