Monday, October 27, 2008

Technique Challenge 192 - Paper Napkin Transfer

Today's Split Coast Technique challenge was Paper Napkin Transfer.

Directions from Split Coast Stampers - Today's technique will show you another way to make your own background papers from some of those left over napkins we all seem to have. I'm referring to the decorative themed napkins left over from birthday parties, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving dinner, and of course Christmas. All you will need for the basis of this technique are:Decorative NapkinFreezer Paper (the white stuff with a waxy coating on the backside)IronA piece of scratch or copy paperOther cardstock and supplies you would like to complete your project.

First start by unfolding your napkin and if it is a multi-ply napkin, carefully pull the layers apart so that you only have the top decorative layer for your project.

Cut a piece of freezer paper a little larger than your napkin (about 1/2 to 3/4")

Heat your iron while you first lay your freezer paper, shiny side up, on your ironing board. Next, lay your decorative napkin (pretty side up) onto your freezer paper, then lay your copy paper on top of your napkin.

Heat with your iron (set on medium - no steam) for about 15 to 30 seconds, moving your iron over the copy paper, applying gentle pressure until your napkin is adhered to your freezer paper.

Now just apply your pretty napkin to your cardstock, (just like you would if you were using patterned paper) and complete your project as desired.This is not only a way to create some beautiful background paper, but a fun and creative way to use up those left over napkins that are just too pretty to toss away. I can't wait to see all the fun creations from this technique.

I was hoarding some pretty napkins a while back and decided to throw them away when we moved 2 years ago. Why Oh Why!!! So today I had a couple of errands to run and found some cute ones (well at least to me they were cute).

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