Sunday, October 16, 2011

The King and Queen are Reunited

A while ago I posted a photo of a Bergere chair I had reupholstered for my livingroom.  I knew I wanted another but could not find one anywhere.  After giving up hope, I was looking around Craigslist and found an ad for two chairs.  One of them is a Bergere style but smaller than the one I had.  I sent an email to the listing sellar and picked it up the next morning.  In the picture below the one of the left is the one I really wanted but got both chairs for $40.00.  Both are in great shape.

The chair project got put on hold due to the fact it was summer and awfully hot in the garage.  Then my husband and I repainted the livingroom.  Once the livingroom was repainted I knew it was time to get working on the chair.  I can honestly say I do not like caning on a chair or at all.  I spent many many hours ripping out the caning on the backrest.  When the spackle to fill in where the caning was, I worked on stripping/sanding and repainting the chair.  I am so glad I over ordered the fabric since I had to rip the seat cover off twice.  Do you know how hard it is to remove upholstery staples???  When I got the seat cover under control I stapled all of the double welt on the chair.  Now it was off to the sewing machine.  I had ripped apart the original seat cushion to use as my pattern.  I have found every sewing project I do I always end up ripping it apart.  I realized when I was half way done with makine the slipcover for the down cushion, I sewed the zipper on the front side not the backside.  Let's just say me and my seam ripper were good friends.  lol

Well enough of my ramblings, here is the find chair with the king sized match. 

My husband thinks the cushion on the "queen" looks funny but I keep telling him it is because of the feathers in the cushion.  I also make a back cushion for the "king, which you can not tell by the photo.  The red throw pillow were store bought.

Off to the next reupholstery project (the pinkish chair in the first photo).

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