Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week #2 - Project 365

I am really liking this challenge. I keep thinking of different photos I can take during the days. But then remember I already took my "365" pic of the day.

Day 5 - What could be better on a cold New England day, but a bowl of chicken corn chowder. The recipe was a little more soupy than chowdery (if that is a word). It was still yummy.

Day 6 - Thank You Card. I received this beautiful card from my cyber sister Donna. I love the colors together. Thanks Donna...

Day 7 - Ladybug. I always thought of Ladybugs were summer bugs. That was until we moved here and noticed we got quite a few during the winter months. Apparently they come inside to stay warm. This is considered my Hmm... photo.

Day 8 - Firebellied Toad - I had a little help setting this picture up from Nicholas. We bought the boys these frogs, yes I said frogs (I did a little research and found they are a frog rather than the toad), for Christmas 2007. They are the coolest frogs I have ever seen. I love the bright orangy bellies. Why did I take this picture, well I do feed them a couple times a week and I think the way they stalk the food is pretty kewl. Yes, I'm weird.

Day 9 - Armillary (An old astronomical model with solid rings, all circles of a single sphere, used to display relationships among the principal celestial circles).. This is a cool decoration we have in our house. I'm pretty sure it is for the yard but I like it so much we have it inside.

Day 10- My boys sitting nicely together (for once). Nick is helping Kyle on a video game. Even though I was sick on the couch I had to get up and get the camera out. See I'm dedicated to this project.

Day 11 - Our Backyard. Overnight a snow storm came through and has lasted the majority of today. This is our lovely (well not during the winter months) backyard. Doesn't the pool look cold.

Hope you all enjoy my pictures for this week. Thanks for stopping by.


Donna said...
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Donna said...

Great photos Diana! Man, you guys sure have a lot of snow right now.

PS, I deleted my first comment cause there were way to many typos..hehehe