Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Sheila!!!

My Mother-In-Law is a New Year's baby. So every year for atleast the past 10 years we have family and some close friends over for a New Year's Eve party. During the party we celebrate Sheila's birthday with a cake.

This year's party theme was Poker. I browsed the internet for some ideas on a cake and found a cake that looked like a dice. The original cake had regular frosting on but I wanted to challenge myself and use Fondant for the very first time. Boy was it a labor of love. I realized I was suppose to put a thin layer of regular icing on the cake before the fondant. So New Year's Eve morning I was in a panic looking for the ingredients to make the frosting. It looked like I would have to make the zillionth trip to the grocery store until I pulled everything out of the baking cabinet and found what I was looking for. AHHHHH what a relief. I eventually got the cakes baked, cooled, stacked and frosted. Then came time to put some elbow grease into rolling out the fondant. Oh boy.. What a labor of love that is. With that done I continued onto melting the backs of the Wilton Dark Cocoa Premium Candy Melts® chips for the numbers on the dice. I'm not Martha Stewart but I think it came out pretty nice looking.


Donna said...

LOVE IT! You did a FABULOUS job.

Sally said...

That is GORGEOUS!!! Working with fondant is no easy trick, you did a FAB job!