Friday, April 12, 2013

Masculine Quilt

Why am I such a procrastinator???  My husband has rubbed off on me.  lol  The reason I say this, is my oldest son was in need of a new quilt/comforter for his bedroom for a good year.  Can you believe I ordered his fabric about a year ago.  I found this line Extreme Team by Michael Miller.  The colors go perfect with his room.

Once I had the fabric, I needed to find the "right" quilt pattern.  Back to the internet to search.  Maybe, that is why it took a year to get this quilt done, I had to have the "right" pattern.  Oh geez...  

One day I was browsing Quilt Dad's website.  John is so talented...  As I was browsing I came across this quilt.  I knew it was the one I wanted to make..  I ordered the pattern from Lizzy House.  They were very quick with getting it out to me.  

About two months ago I finally got around to cutting the fabric.  Easy Peasy!!  

So today I felt like I had a downtime moment (before I head back to work at the end of the month and lacrosse season gets into full swing) and made myself come down to my craft room to start working on the quilt top.

It took me about 5 hours to get the top completed.  Oh, wait I had to go make the family some grub so maybe 4.5 hours. I am really excited to finish the top tomorrow.  

Sorry the photo is a little dark.  Hopefully it won't take another year to actually quilt it... 

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