Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travel Handmade

My best friend Melissa, sent me a link to Travel Handmade.  It looks like a fun "challenge" to make anything travel related, ie duffle bag, cosmetic case, laptop case and so forth.  I thought it would be fun to try a few of the ideas. 

As I type this it appears they are doing some maintenance to the site. 

Just a quick run down of the projects:
Day 1 - duffel bags
Day 2 - carry on bag
Day 3 - cosmetic bag
Day 4 - electronic bag/case
Day 5 - travel purse
Day 6 - refashioned bag
Day 7 - tote bag
Day 8 - travel sewing bag
Day 9 - travel accessories

I made several of these items.  One item was thrown on the floor and never been picked up since.  Yes, it was that much of a pain to make. 

My first item is my coffee cozy.  You know when you go to the coffee shop and they give you those paper cups that are hot to the touch, well now I don't need to worry about burning my hand. 

My second item is my small boxy cosmetic bag.  If you all know me I love black/white and any other color combo.  This bag is perfect in size.  It will hold the basic supplies.

My third project is my Yellow and Black tote bag.  I've had this fabric for a couple of years now and just recently found some fabric that would complement it.  On the front of the bag there are three pockets, which I have never accomplished.  The inside is lined with a yellow print fabric.

My fourth project is my Red/Black/White Hobo bag.  Super simple to make once you understand the pattern/directions, until the above bag.  Let's just say I will never use that pattern again...  Again, back to the Hobo bag.  It is lined with plain red fabric.  I did not put a zipper on the inside since I really don't use them on any of my purses/bags.  Plus, I have my cosmetic bag to carry in. 

I am working on two more of the days and will post when they are finished. 

Thanks for looking.

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