Sunday, August 29, 2010

SBVC124 - Pillow Fight!

For starters I want to thank Anavon for filling in for me this week.  Thank you!!!  Now onto the challenge.

Good Morning Everyone... For all you newbies, I am Anavon from Annie's Pantry and I am your guest host today. We would like to excuse Diana (princessdi69), she is out on a field trip. And like the old saying goes... "While Momma's away, the Kids will play!" hehehehe....

Today, I challenge Everyone to a great big, gigantic, humongous PILLOW FIGHT! (Inspirational of course)

My Family and I are getting ready to move into a new beach house and so I have been on the search for some new accent pillows for the sunroom. And in doing so, I came acrossed several that I thought would be great inspiration for some scrapbook layouts. I like my pillows to have color, style and charm....

So with that is mind your challenge today is to come have an inspirational pillow fight with us. Just choose a pillow that inspires you and create a page or layout that shows off that inspiration. Then share it here with us... here is a couple of websites filled with pillows that you could choose from.

Decorative Pillows

Accent Pillows

Classy Pillows

For those of you who like to just grab and throw... I have included three pillows below that are perfect for that quick, pick-up and whack sort of page.

Please post your pillow choice also, so that we can see what inspired you.

Here is my sample and pillow of choice today.... Hillstown House

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