Monday, December 29, 2008

Hold 'Em or Fold

Every New Year's Eve Steve and I have a gathering at our house. We have done this for the past 10 years (well that is as far back as I can remember).

After much deliberating I come up with a theme. We have done Pizza, Mexican, Chinese, BBQ well you get the idea. This year is Poker themed. The boys were playing with a deck of cards the other day and I sat there for a few minutes wondering what kind of invitation I could come up with. The light bulb went on in my head and I came running down to my craftroom and starting cutting the paper. I wanted the invitation to look like you were holding some cards. I decorated the "backside" with a patterned paper. Then I stamped the "face" side with my acrylic heart, diamond, clubs & spade stamps. I placed a brad in the bottom lefthand corner to fan the cards so you can see the information.

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