Thursday, December 8, 2011

Table Top Ironboard

I am still perusing the internet for some craftroom/sewing room ideas.  I came across Pleasant-Home's site showing her studio.  I saw her tabletop ironboard and realized that was exactly what I wanted for my peninsula.  I am realizing while I am working at the peninsula I have little room if the full size ironboard is behind but infront of my counter area. 

I thought it looked easy enough to make.  I remembered we had a couple pieces of MDF leftover from my shelves, so I decided to use one of those.  I gathered up some batting, fabric, MDF and off to the garage I went.  (My neighbors must think I am weird using the air compressor at 6:45am). 

I started by placing the batting down on a work surface and then laying the MDF ontop.  I pulled the batting tight and stapled to the backside of the MDF.  Then I flattened the fabric on the work surface and placed the MDF ontop.  I pulled the fabric taut and stapled in place.  Simple and easy to do. 

Here is my tabletop ironboard:

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