Sunday, February 7, 2010

Scraproom makeover

As many of you know I have been organinzing and making changes to my scraproom.  When we first moved here I thought I would keep the color of a more neutral tone, tan as a matter of fact.  With the lighting being so poor down here it was a bland boring non-inspiring room.  I had plans to so some accent painting but it fell flat.  I really could not "picture" the room done the way I thought I wanted it. 

This picture of my sewing machine desk just shows a small amount of the color.  Please do not pay attention to my messy craft counter but I wanted to show you the opposite end of the room from the sewing area. 

I know one thing for sure, I wanted to paint my walls a fun and exciting color.  I picked a Turquoise color.  At first I felt like I should be swimming in a fish bowl.  To this day I still love the color on the wall. 

I'm a little embarrased to post this picture, I thought I had a better one.  This is generally what my scraproom looks like.  Yes, shame on me for not keeping the clean gene as I was growing up. 

As time went on I really wanted to spruce up my room.  Plus try to keep it clean... lol..  It wasn't until this past December 2009 I realized what I wanted to do.  I was shopping for gift wrap at Target and found a wonderful Damask flocked print paper.  Oh my goodness I fell in love with it.  I bought one roll that day because I "had" to.  I decided I would use it as a wallpaper for my ugly white cabinet in the corner of the above photo.  I made four rectangle panels out of the gift wrap and then modge podged them to the doors.  Then we bought some basic trim for the edges of the paper panels. 

I really like how the doors came out.  So the next thing I did was rip off the curtain panels under my craft counter.  I had a large piece of black & white gingham print fabric that I stuck up in place of the old one.

The room seems to be coming along to my liking now.  One change I'm hoping will happen soon is to get a black counter top instead of that ugly green. 

On my counter I made a box to store my Cuttlebug Embossing Folders.  I found this idea on Splitcoast by a username of Wenchie.  It was a great little project to make on weekend.  I used my flocked gift wrap all around it. 
Also on my counter is my Cricut machine.  I had some leftover fabric from an apron I had made.  I used some old black on black print fabric for the sides and the flap parts.  I wante to add a little bling to the cover so I used a old decorative pin I had laying around. 

On the other end of the room is my sewing area.  I have an old sewing desk that I stripped and restained.  I used Minwax Bombay Mahogany.  I wanted a bulletin board above the desk so I took my old corkboard painted the trim in black.  Then I took a piece of foamcore board applied batting to it, covered it in a piece of damask fabric and added some ribbon to make it into a French board.  Love the look of it. 

Here is a picture of the sewing desk after the stripping/staining (this wall is painted the turquoise like the rest of the room).

So far I am very happy with the way the room is coming along.  I do have a few other things to make and to hang on the walls (shelves above the computer desk and sewing area would be nice).

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my little piece of happiness. 

*** Update 1/5/11

Here are some more photos of my finished room.


Left Cabinet

Right Cabinet

Foamcore Stamp pad station & Unity stamp binders
Shelf my husband and I made. 

This last photo is of my working counter.  You can see the obvious transformation.  My husband bought me these base cabinets from IKEA for my birthday this past year.  While my husband was working I took the green countertop off the braces and took it to the garage where I sanded it and repainted it black.  We realized we needed to cut the front lip off of it in order for the doors and drawer to open.  I am very happy with the way the room looks now, well not right now because it is a mess due to the holidays and crafts...
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed the room tour.


Alesha Walls said...

awesome craft space!

Cook22 said...

That flocked paper on your cabinet doors looks truly fantastic. I like that turquoise too, I'd like that to work in.